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Phocus portrait camera

Shoot perfect portrait photos

Capture in RAW and depth, adjust ISO and exposure duration.

Turn your portraits into art

Meet style transfer for creating great portrait photos.

Phocus style transfer

Advanced foreground and background editing

Refine the edges of the subject in your portrait photos using brush or eraser tools. Apply advanced curve adjustments. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, temperature and tint of the background and foreground separately.

Phocus photo editor

Looking for an app that not only adds the Portrait mode effect to your photos, but does a bit more? Then Phocus is the one you're looking for.


Phocus stylize effect

Apply unique portrait effects

Enjoy special portrait effects that are carefully crafted for your portrait photos. One of them is stylize effect which leaves the foreground as is and applies cartoon-like stylization effect to the background.

Replace background of your portrait photos

Change the background of your photos with one tap. Then adjust foreground or background with your creativity.

Phocus background editor

The app is a fine example of technical and artistic craftsmanship. It offers a simple and engaging interface that also allows you to add effects to your click. Besides, it renders you the freedom to play with lights.


Add different overlays

You can apply dust and shadow overlays to your portrait photos. Turn your portrait photos into a retro photo with dust overlays. Create beautiful portrait photos by adding shadow overlays to your photos.

Phocus overlay effects

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"Very nice and professional program 5 stars program is the least to be said about it"

- Luckymanb59

"Love editing black and white portraits. They look professional"

- Rozzimuch

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