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Goru enhance photos

Enhance Photos

Enhance your photos with AI. Although you can enhance any photos, the feature works best with low-resolution and old photos. You can get 4096 px maximum output resolution with the help of AI-based restoration and super-resolution.

Cartoon Yourself

Make your photos look like paintings. What makes Goru different from other cartoonize apps is that Goru cartoonizes your face while keeping the naturalness of your photo intact. Thus, you can obtain unique cartoonized photos with Goru.

Goru cartoon yourself

Portrait Mode & Teleportation

Apply portrait mode to your photos with AI. Choose different kind of background blur easily. Change background of your photos with one tap.

Goru portrait mode

Goru colorize

Colorize Old Photos

One of the coolest features of Goru is that it can colorize black and white photos in a short time. Just choose your photos from your gallery, then AI behind Goru will handle the rest. Finally, after colorizing your photo, you can also tune the colors with the editor.

Style Transfer

Turn your photos into art with the help of style transfer.

Goru style transfer

Low-light & Deblur

Enhance your low-light/dark photos. Deblur your motion blurred photos.

Goru photo editor

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